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A Woodard Education

A Woodard Education

Woodard Academies are part of the wider family of Woodard Schools, united around the shared commitment to providing a high-quality education in an actively Christian environment.

The characteristics of a Woodard education are: 

A search for knowledge, meaning and truth

We believe that the search for knowledge is a search for meaning and truth. We encourage young people to ask why?, to look for the connections between things, to bring to the surface the assumptions we have been making about the meaning behind and within things, to become more reflective, to reach beyond themselves a little, to take responsibility, to become more self-aware, to be honest with themselves and be courageous.

Developing moral character and disposition

We are committed to developing the inward moral character and disposition. We encourage young people to develop a moral framework, a rock solid sense of what is right and wrong and a keen appreciation of themselves and others as spiritual beings.

Creating inclusive communities of learning

We are inclusive communities that cherish each person. Our schools will show a special care for the vulnerable and those in need – they all have a strong pastoral care system.

Valuing individuals

We acknowledge the value and uniqueness of every human being regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, creed or sexual orientation. We believe that each person is of sacred value because they are made in the image of God. In our schools the atmosphere is pervaded by the conviction that there is something good in everybody. 

Spiritual development

We provide ways (both formal and informal) in which members of the school community can develop their spirituality, for example through nurturing a sense of wonder, an appreciation of beauty, building positive relationships, worship, reflection and creativity.

You can find out more about a Woodard Education here.

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