A Woodard Education

A Woodard Education

The Woodard Academies, located across England, though geographically diverse, share an educational vision which empowers, celebrates diversity and adds value to a child’s development.

The academies all provide high academic standards, setting themselves apart by offering an unrivalled effective and supportive environment, within which each individual is valued and encouraged to give their very best. They are dynamic learning communities, where young people are stimulated, and teachers are facilitators and mentors of learning and knowledge management.

Our curriculum encourages students to ask challenging questions and develop a strong sense of their own individual identity, as well as the ability to understand and communicate with people from other cultures. Students learn through high levels of application to real time situations. Our curriculum equally values academic excellence, character formation, skills and qualifications for life.

What makes the Woodard experience so special is that alongside outstanding teaching and learning our academies provide a rich variety of extra-curricular activities that develop new interests and skills, celebrate all aspects of learning, and challenge young people out of their comfort zone.

Woodard Schools and Academies have a sense of ‘faith, unity and vision’ that has never been stronger.


A Woodard education values both the spiritual and moral development of each person giving strength, confidence and respect for others. Our students are from all faiths and traditions, and none, allowing them to develop and learn in the rich, diverse culture of our academies.


The Woodard family of schools provides many inter-school opportunities, the sharing of best practice and a strength and expertise within education, including the use of modern facilities and professional teaching.


Woodard Schools and Academies offer a 21st century education rooted in the vision of our founder, Nathaniel Woodard. A vision which challenges those that believe education is simply a matter of teaching and learning certain skills. The education of the whole person, to foster the unique potential of each individual, is the Woodard way.


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